Aggregate Specific Gravity & Absorption

A computer controlled testing machine, to determine specific gravity and absorption values of coarse and fine aggregates.

Reliable methods meet new technology

  • An alternative method for measuring the specific gravity and absorption characteristics of coarse and fine aggregates
  • Brings an automated, computerized test method to one of the oldest and most reliable methods of measuring displacement to find volume
  • Improves repeatability and reliability of aggregate specific gravity and absorption characteristics
  • Very accurate displacement values

How it works

  • Uses a precision water displacement technology to quickly measure volume of an aggregate sample, and subsequently, measures change and volume over time to predict moisture absorption
  • Completes specific gravity measurements on an aggregate sample in approximately 10 seconds and absorption in approximately 1 minute, with no subjective drying to SSD
  • Requires only 1000g of oven dried aggregate for each test
Sample Weight1000g
Maximum Aggregate Size2 inch
Measured Volume Resolution˂1cc


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