Bulk Specific Gravity

A computer controlled, automated, testing machine, for measuring bulk specific gravity of gyratory samples or field cores of asphalt.

Easy operation

  • Complete solution for fast, dependable GMB or bulk specific gravity of asphalt cores or gyratory samples
  • Both 150mm and 100mm sizes can be tested
  • Comes with a calibration standard for daily calibration and a computer preloaded with the BSG-200 software
  • The entire process takes less than a minute to complete, and multiple samples can be tested rapidly with no delay between tests

How it works

  • Samples must be dried and weighed prior to testing
  • Upon program initialization, user will be prompted to enter a file name and the sample weight
  • The sample loading handle is placed in the measuring chamber and the computer establishes a zero
  • Then the user removes the sample handle and places the sample in the holder and slowly lowers the sample into the measuring chamber
  • The BSG-200 will then calculate and display the bulk specific gravity and volume of the sample
Sample Diameter150mm or 100mm
Maximum Sample Height135mm
Calibration StandardAluminum; 1300cc


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