AER-800S Soil/Compost Research Respirometer

The AER-800S Research Respirometer utilizes eight specially designed reaction chambers for use with solids such as soil, compost, or plastics in biodegradability studies.

AER 800s Soil Research Respirometer

Easy Setup & Flexibility

  • The most user-friendly respirometer on the market
  • Records both aerobic and anaerobic respiration rates
  • Expandable in sets of 8 reactors at a time

Precision quality

  • True manometric measurement
  • Continuous Feedback Adjustment automatically optimizes performance
  • Trusted by hundreds of researchers worldwide
AER 800s Soil Research Respirometer
AER 800s Soil Research Respirometer

User-friendly setup & operation

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Continuous Feedback Adjustment monitors and adjusts the system for optimum performance
  • Convenient USB power and interface connection


  • Automated Material Biodegradation Testing
  • Determine Microbial Acclimation
  • Aerobic or Anaerobic Respiration Testing
  • True Respirometric Testing for Short or Long-Term Testing
  • Plastics Biodegradation Tests, such as ASTM D5338
  • Soil Remediation Testing
  • Testing of Soil Biological Enhancement Additives