BPA-800 Biomethane Potential Analyzer

The BPA-800 Biomethane Potential Analyzer monitors the production of biogas in bench scale reactors for precision optimizing of gas production for evaluation of environmental and chemical adjustments.

AER 800 Research Respirometer

Easy setup & flexibility

  • Easy setup and operation and quick cleanup
  • Factory calibrated, requires no user calibration

Precision quality

  • Precise analysis of biomethane potential
  • 10 times the resolution of other systems on the market (0.12mL vs 13mL)
  • Capable of producing tests of enhanced quality

User-friendly setup & operation

  • Utilizes standard 500mL glass reaction vessels
  • Set on a magnetic stirrer incorporating rare-earth magnets and stirring bars with spin rings
  • Comes complete with computer and pre-installed software for detailed data collection and graphing
  • Durable construction
  • An inline CO2 stripper is available for methane CO2 ratio evaluation
wastewater treatment testing
  • Methane / C02 Ratio Analysis
  • Toxicity
  • Bioremediation