Materials Testing

Challenge Technology Materials Testing Equipment

Challenge Technology is paving the way for the future of the transportation materials industry.

Our equipment will soon be the industry standard for optimizing the quality of concrete, asphalt, and aggregates.
Concrete Thermal Expansion equipment

Concrete Thermal Expansion
Concrete Thermal Expansion is a computer controlled, automated, concrete thermal expansion testing machine.

Tack Coat Shear Fixture

Tack Coat Shear Fixture
A testing fixture for evaluating tack shear characteristics on 150mm or 100mm diameter asphalt cores.

Aggregate Specific Gravity & Absorption
A computer controlled testing machine, to determine specific gravity and absorption values of coarse and fine aggregates.

AER 800s Soil Research Respirometer

Bulk Specific Gravity
A computer controlled, automated, testing machine, for measuring bulk specific gravity of gyratory samples or field cores of asphalt.