ODM-100 Oxygen Demand Monitor

The ODM-100 Oxygen Demand Monitor is a portable unit for measuring real-time oxygen demand at any point in a wastewater treatment process.

Oxygen Demand Monitor

Flexible & easy to use

  • Can be placed at any point in the treatment process to monitor biological activity
  • Stationary or portable installation
  • Continuous or sequential batch mode
  • Touch-sensitive menus

Trouble-free operation

  • Robust instrument, designed for operation in harsh wastewater environments
  • Proprietary anti-clog methods
  • Minimal maintenance required
How it works
  • Wastewater can be added to the Reactor Vessel from the influent stream, or mixed liquor can be sampled directly from an aeration basin
  • Oxygen uptake rate data is sent to a 4-20mA output (suitable for SCADA systems), is stored in memory, and can be downloaded via USB memory stick for subsequent processing
  • The data file includes oxygen uptake rate in milligrams/liter/hour and the time and date of data recording
wastewater treatment testing
  • Treatment process monitoring
  • Trend monitoring for daily and seasonal optimization of processes
  • Rapid assessment of changing oxygen demand in an aeration basin
  • OUR fingerprint analysis
  • Optimizing aeration, nitrification, denitrification, RAS ratios and overall aerobic digestion efficiency
  • Stand-alone batch testing of trucked-in or industrial wastewater
  • Evaluate treatability and possible toxic events